We are Cleaning Experts!


Our Exterior Home Care Services


Driveway Cleaning

Oil, Dirt, Grime, Sap, Leaves, Cars, Kids! Your Driveway takes a lot of abuse.  Team Todd Pressure Washing can restore the shine to your driveway and make a noticeable improvement to your home. 


Roof Cleaning

Nothing degrades the appearance of your home than a dirty stained roof.  Your shingles can last 20 years and that is a lot of time for dirt, mold, mildew, pine sap and more to stain your roof, degrading the beauty of your home.


Home Pressure Washing

Your home's exterior needs cleaning just like your car and your body! Mold, Mildew, Dirt.  They cling to the outside of your home and detract from the appearance. Let us get it clean and beautiful again. 


Pool Deck Cleaning

Enjoy your Pool with a shiny new pool deck.  Kids, Parties, Trees, and more can degrade the beauty of your outdoor living space. We can make it shine like new again.